World-wide knowledge of Maurice Tillet.
The life Maurice was nothing short of inspiration. His life embodies how a person with extreme challenges can remain good, balanced, and create an amazing life.
 Maurice Tillet and his Manager Karl Pojello

I am looking for that individual who sees in him, what I do, and has the influence needed to make it happen.

There is so much good information on Maurice.  He was an amazing character, as well as a good man.  He had such a varied and interesting life that it has all the elements required for an inspirational film.

As stated on the first page, this is what Maurice had to say about his time in film:
"Lutte et Boxe Magazine Jan. 1952:
"On returning to civilian life, I tried a little of all professions without much success. One day, meeting a friend who was the cinema, I decided to do it also. With no ordinary head I felt I could no doubt succeed. I made a lot of movies but with the exception of two or three, always in a small role. To succeed in the movies, it takes a lot of luck, capital and talent. I was certainly short of a bit of everything."

Maurice himself wanted to be in film, to play a character, and to entertain.  I do not believe Maurice could have envisioned that the life he lived, worthy of the big screen, making it even more important that it is done.  By all indications, he was too modest and too decent to understand how worthy he really was.   

We need as many of these kinds of true and wonderful people filling up our world and inspiring all of us to be, and do better. 

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